Our Story

I grew up in Virovitica, Croatia. Got married in 2015 and soon after started a family. My passion is aromatherapy and essential oils. Job opportunities for aromatherapists in my little town are non existent so I started Sant Natural to pursue my dream.

My ultimate goal is to create place where you could find not only the highest quality essential oils at a more affordable price, but also a place where you can find useful and relevant and honest information about essential oils, their applications and recipes.

Continuing with innovation, Sant Natural continues to expand its line with new oils and purposely-built products to satisfy the most experienced consumer and to help introduce new consumers to the benefits of essential oils. The company strives to provide products that improve the lives of people worldwide.


Originality is at the core of who we are and what we do. We are inspired by the panorama of what we can create with the beauty of what already exists. Our desire is not to change that which is inherently whole, but rather to reveal it fully so that our customers may make use of it in their own lives. Every idea that becomes a product, every message that becomes our word, every experience that becomes our customer’s, alongside the inherent designs of nature, then co-mingles with the originality of our own vision. This is the true alchemy of Sant Natural. It is at once our heritage and our future.


Life is turbulent and challenges the answers to its many questions. Poise demands that in order to find peace we must meet this turbulence with clarity of purpose and compassion, first in our own lives, and then in our environment. When we feel a strong sense of self, confident of our worth, and regardless of external circumstances, when we take responsibility for our choices, and live an engaged creative life, we develop poise. As we explore, so we become. In this, then, Sant Natural aspires to be an oasis of goodness and right-mindedness in a world of compression and tension.


We would do well to strive towards people living in common and unity – that which we call community. The Sant Natural community is small – as small as our world. What makes it small is the interdependence between our company and our customers, our suppliers, our farmers, our banks, our weather, our pets, our everything. There is no question that we all breathe this same air of existence, so trust is essential. As the Sant Natural community grows, we understand it is nonetheless true that regardless of how strong these linkages of common purpose between customer and company may be, should they not be held in value by the customer, all will be for nothing. Communication of our benefits, culture and sensibilities therefore, plays an important role when it comes to the development and maintenance of trust. The variety, complexity, differences and divergences of our customers provides us with tremendous opportunity, to which we bring the spirit of community and the beauty of our imagination for the benefit of everyone. The interdependence of relationships is unbounded only by what can be unlocked and made real.


The imagination is the most freeing condition of the human spirit. We seek permission through it, to investigate and explore, and through this discover and embrace innovation. We allow its essence to flourish with the intention of being kind and doing good. The secret of imagination lays in the adventure that is the cultivation of an open mind: fresh, flexible, vibrant and ready for anything. As we dream we hold in our hands, and hearts, unbounded opportunity to move those dreams into thoughts and then towards some reality. At Sant Natural, we seek continuous improvement that pushes us against the feeling of being comfortable, and towards what our imagination can unleash. With change inevitable our embracing of new possibilities gives to us continual momentum that leads us to new places.


What anchors Sant Natural what engages Sant natural, what grounds Sant Natural? What gives us the permission to explore, to challenge what is and thus to participate in the world? At Sant Natural we answer this is what life expects of us, what nature expects of us and what we expect of ourselves. Our own recognition and acknowledgement of our every breath and blink of our eyes is about living. Life provides us with an un-chartered and invisible path with no end point or true destination, but that which we encounter in the process itself. Our responsibility is to the boundaries of respect, kindness and wholeheartedness. Our Sant Natural is a mindful company that is crafted through our behavior, and code of conduct. We are a brand that is its own ecosystem which we honor every day; one that is inclusive of all who engage with it along their own lives journey. What we know and what we have yet to know, that which remains as yet unknown, allows our spirit to take us forward as we journey with each other on this, our Sant Narual path.