Core Support and Inward Focus


The wood or trunk of a tree conducts water and nutrients from the roots to its leaves, stems, and flowers. Oils extracted from wood can help conduct energy, assist with a sense of balance, and provide core support. They also work with the natural inclinations of the body to reduce skeletal and muscular pain.

Emotional Cleansing and Clarity


Oils made from fruits are naturally cleansing. These oils are good for the lymphatic system and emotional cleansing. They are refreshing and can bring new, clear energy to a space. They bring nourishment and juice to our psyche. Fruits also protect and nurture the seeds that enable the creation of new plants. Citrus essences can provide inspiration, creative expression, and light. The oils are often used in blends to lift depression and bring light into the heart and mind.

Emotional Healing and Protection


Resins have historically been used for incense, meditation, rituals, protection, and honor. Today, the oils made from resins can still be used for all these purposes. For instance, when you want to show respect to some aspect of your life, you can blend oils made from resins. These oils are especially helpful for healing wounds of an emotional nature. They can also support reflection.

Healthy Respiration and Positive Energy


The leaves, grass, and needles of a plant allow the plant to breathe. They also protect the plant from water loss and support photosynthesis. We can use these oils to support respiration, deeper breathing, and the breath of life. These oils can also protect us both emotionally and physically from infection and disturbing energy. Leaf and needle oils support mental expansion and creativity.

Reproductive Health and Nourishment


A plant’s seeds are responsible for reproduction. Seeds are the beginning of life, filled with all of the plant’s potential. Oils extracted from seeds can support new growth and help discover potential. These oils can also encourage the release of blocked energy. They can support nourishment, birth, and the reproductive system. There have been many authors who have related seed oils to reproduction. Jade Shutte was one of the original authors of this concept, and we are grateful for her work and insight.

Soothing the Heart and Calming the Mind


Flowers are abundant in the springtime and represent new growth. They produce their aroma to attract insects for pollination. The oils made from flowers encourage self-confidence and creativity and bring new energy. The oils are often used for emotional support. Their calming and rejuvenating properties make flower oils perfect for skin care, especially for the face.

Stability and Balance


The roots of a plant anchor the plant into the soil and absorb water and nutrients that are vital to the plant’s growth. These oils give us strength and a sense of stability and balance. They are lovely for combating feelings of panic, over-thinking, worrying, and for relieving stress related to life changes and turmoil.