How we do things

While some in essential oil industry try to cut corners to save time and money. Like using lower quality seeds or plant material, or increasing jealds by adding less expensive ingredients. We in Sant natural are uncompromising to produce only the best quality product.

We sourced our partners to ensure they are committed to ensure the best growing conditions, best harvesting conditions and best distilleries to bring us the best gifts that earth can give us.

Sant Natural Global Partners Network

Company as small as Sant Natural  can’t buy large plots of land all over the world in order to mass produce oils. Insted we place our focus on the expert know how and experience of local farmers – many of whom gow essential oil plants for generations and generations. We want to include their know how and their experience into Sant Natural global partners network, and in doing so supports thousands of jobs around the world.

Sourcing global partners

When Sant natural looks for global partners, we deliberately try to look for places where we can improve the individual, social, economic, and environmental well-being, while producing the highest quality essential oils.

As many of our essential oils grow best in developing countries, Sant Natural is in a unique position to build and support ethical supply chains that benefit rural communities in need.

Often times, experienced essential oil farmers, harvesters, growers, and distillers in underdeveloped areas are paid unfairly or taken advantage of, limiting their ability to escape poverty. Co-Impact Sourcing provides the tools needed to help lift these families and communities out of poverty and promote economic development.

Guiding Principles

We go to the ends of the earth to find the most experienced growers in ideal environments, utilizing our eight Sourcing Guiding Principles to ensure we get the highest quality oils and enrich lives in the process.

Generating Jobs

Sant Natural seeks to reduce poverty through generating ethically responsible employment in essential oil cultivation and production. By creating and sustaining jobs in rural and underdeveloped areas, Sant Natural supports marginalized workers and small-scale producers in developing countries and seeks to enable them to move from income insecurity and poverty to economic self-sufficiency.

Fair, On-Time Payments

Sant Natural provides fair pricing. A fair price is one that has been contractually agreed on by all through dialogue and participation, which provides fair and on-time pay to producers, and can also be sustained by the market. Fair pay means provision of socially acceptable remuneration in the local context and which the producers themselves consider to be fair, and equal pay for equal work by women and men. Additionally, pre-payments or loans are often provided to sourcing partners to help manage cash-flows and stabilize incomes throughout the year.

Sustaining Long Term Partnership

Sant Natural is trying to develop long-term partnerships with growers and distillers based on mutual respect, trust, and solidarity. Sant Natural promotes the growth of its partners through long-term contracts that do not maximize profit at their expense, and facilitates predictable pricing for small scale producers to ensure consistent quality of products. Sant Natural is looking for ways to involve our partners in decision-making processes and ensures that communication channels are open at all levels of the supply chain.

Fair Labor Conditions

Fair Labor Condition is set of requirments for our partners to ensure fair labor conditions and to promote safe and healthy working environments free, from exploitive practices, harassment, and discrimination. Furthermore, it requires partners to comply, at a minimum, with national and local laws, International Labour Organization conventions on health and safety, working conditions, and labor laws, as well as Europien Union labor laws.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection  promotes the use of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy technologies to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Sant Natural seeks to minimize the impact of waste streams on the environment, and encourages agricultural producers to minimize their environmental impacts. Priority is given to buying products made from raw materials that originate from sustainably managed sources, and bulk goods are dispatched by sea wherever possible to minimize carbon footprint.

Community Development

Community Development Sant Natural recognizes that the well-being of communities surrounding our sourcing partners is key to the long-term viability of essential oil supply. Increasing livelihoods and improving living standards in these communities at large is one of the primary goals. 


Sant Natural partners with experienced expert distillers who apply their know how to assure pressures and temperatures best for extracting best quality essential oils. In process ensuring the most potent and beneficial chemical profile.

Preserving a plant's chemistry

Once an aromatic plant has been properly harvested, it is transported to a distillery where its oil is extracted. Extracting essential oil is an extremely delicate process. If done improperly, distillation can dramatically alter or destroy a plant’s aromatic compounds. If distillation is completed with customized care, the resulting essential oil retains a strong chemical profile to provide best benefits to its users.

The Sant naturals Difference

Whilst our oils come from the optimal growing regions around the world. Sant Natural is EU based company. All our essential oils are bottled and packaged right here in Virovitica, Croatia, according to European Union industry standards.

Sant Natural is  uncompromisingly selective in its quest to produce pure, highest quality natural Essential Oils. We seek nothing less than the best quality soil, best quality seeds, finest care, best quality plant material, finest extraction process and top of the line quality control.