Do you test all Sant Natural essential oils?

We test every pre-shipment sample of essential oils before making a purchase. Then, after we purchase an essential oil, every shipment is tested to make sure it continues to meet all quality and purity standards.

Does Sant Natural perform third party testing?

Yes, we do third party GC/MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) testing which is unique with each batch. These tests help ensure extract purity and composition potency by ensuring major constituents are within generally accepted guidelines, as well as providing quantitative proof that received product matches approved samples. If a certain batch does not meet these standards they are never used.

Are Sant Natural essential oIls therapeutic grade?

Yes, we are proud to offer the highest quality essential oils available. We really cannot overstate our love for purity and quality. At Sant Natural, our oils are rigorously tested and meet the highest standards possible. All of our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. No pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs or harmful chemicals are ever used during any stage of the growing or distillation process. Our trusted suppliers strictly follow to all EU food/product safety guidelines. As part of our promise, we never add any bases, carriers or additives to our essential oils.

We do GC/MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) tests on each of our essential oils and reports are available within each product page. This will give the breakdown of the naturally occurring components found in any given oil.

Do the oils come from indigenous plants?

Yes, our oils come from plants grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally).

We have direct buying relationships with our trusted suppliers which are located all over the world as each individual oil needs different climate, altitude, water, elevations, etc. They are extracted in the countries they were grown in.

Does Sant natural oils contain any pesticides?

We care about your health and safety. All Sant Natural essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. They are exquisitely natural and holistic. We do not add any bases, carriers, parafins, additives, etc to any of our oils. No pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, gmos, harmful chemicals or fertilizers are ever used during any stage of the growing or distillation process. We diligently guarantee that all EU food/product safety guidelines are followed by our suppliers.

Are Sant Natural oils organic?

As far as possible, we source all our products from organic growers and distillers.

What is your policy on animal testing?

A: None of our products are tested on animals.

Essential Oil Safety

Where are the best places to apply oils for absorption?

Essential oils can be applied almost anywhere on the body (avoid the eyes, of course). However, the fastest absorption occurs in areas where you have lots of blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. (Many of these are also called pressure points.) The soles of the feet, the wrists, neck and behind the ears are all great spots for applying oils to improve absorption. Warmth also plays a role — your body doesn’t absorb oils as well when it’s cold. The underarm is also an ideal place to apply oils; it has lots of blood vessels and is also warm.

Can you put undiluted oils directly on your skin?

 In general, this should be avoided, and oils should only be used with a recommended dilution based on the particular situation of the person and the intended use of the oil (from 1-10%). A few oils, like lavender and tea tree, can occasionally be applied directly, but in general, dilution is always recommended. With any oil we recommend a skin patch test. Always use caution.

Can you use oils in food products?

We don’t recommend using essential oils for flavoring food at home due to safety concerns.

What causes photosensitivity and what oils cause it?

Oils that contain furocoumarins can cause skin reactions if used on skin that is then exposed to ultraviolet light. These photosensitive reactions may be as mild as slight reddening of the skin, while severe cases can result in acute lesions known as bullock dermatitis. This dermatitis will resolve itself in a few weeks; however, the accompanying hyper-pigmentation (brown spots on the skin) can take months or years to fully disappear. Bergamot, which contains the furocoumarin bergaptene, is especially likely to cause reactions. We sell bergaptene-free bergamot (bergamot BF) to eliminate this risk. Other oils we carry that might cause photosensitive reactions include ginger, grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin orange and tangerine.

security and privacy

How secure is your website?

Our Sant Natural website is extremely secure. When you submit your information via our website, your information is protected both on-line and off-line. Our checkout process takes place in a secure environment using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts the data you submit to us at Stillpoint Aromatics. SSL technology is an industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. All sensitive information you enter during the checkout process (including credit card number, name and address) is encrypted under this protocol while traveling the Internet. We do not share or sell any information you submit to Sant Natural j.d.o.o.. Be assured that your information is safe and secure.

Can I place an order without registering for an account on Sant Natural?

Absolutely. You can place an order as “a guest” on our site. We would love for you to join the Sant Natural’s family, but the option is yours. We do invite you to register though as your account information will be automatically registered and the email address you provide will be your username in the future. This will allow you to access your order history, saved address, and other account features upon future visits to Sant natural. Once you are signed in, your shopping cart will be saved even if you log out & revisit the site later. If you are not signed into your account and you happen to walk away from your computer in the midst of your order, your cart will clear itself. 

Okay, so if I do register an account, what if I forget my password?

No worries! If you forget your password, a new password will be mailed to the email address with which you registered. If for some reason you do not receive your password…make sure that you check your junk email.

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

We do not offer wholesale accounts

How quickly will my order be processed?

Most orders will be processed and mailed within 36- 48 hours of placing your order unless you choose to pay by check or money order via snail mail. The exception to this is if we are having a sale or special promotion.  None of our oils are pre-poured. They are freshly poured with conscious intention once we receive your order. If you need your order rushed, give a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.