Concentration and Focus

Essential oils contain powerful plant compounds that offer an incredible array of benefits both physically and mentally. Have you ever found yourself in a meeting or listening to a speech when you suddenly realize you have no idea what was just said because you’ve drifted off, thinking about your plans for the weekend, how you’re going to solve a particular problem or worrying about the future?


Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil is steam distilled from the buds and leaves of the clary sage plant, a cousin to common garden sage. It’s native to Europe and is sometimes referred to as Muscatel Oil as it’s used to flavor muscatel wine. The herb has been used medicinally for centuries and was first described in writing in 4 BCE. Today, it’s known to be beneficial for treating depression, chronic stress and anxiety while helping to improve memory, concentration, focus and mental alertness.

Research in 2005 found that clary sage was able to enhance memory and cognition in patients with Alzheimer’s. The participants received single doses of the essential oil or a placebo, with those who received the clary sage reporting they felt calmer and more alert. In a separate clinical trial, the oil was found to improve mental alertness and offer cognitive support when inhaled.



Citrus oils like lemon are known to be very uplifting. Lemon not only helps to promote mental clarity, improve focus and concentration, but it’s great for boosting one’s mood and reducing the effects of stress. It’s especially helpful for those who have ADHD and tend to get stressed completing everyday tasks as it can induce a feeling of calm to make focusing easier. People with ADHD are more likely to have other issues like anxiety or depression, and some studies have found that lemon essential oil can help with this too as it aids in regulating dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

Lemon essential oil is great used in a room spray. Simply add a few drops to a spray bottle with water to create an environment that will help improve your focus, concentration, and mental clarity while increasing energy levels and uplifting your spirits at the same time.



Traditionally, sandalwood essential oil was used in religious ceremonies such as weddings and babies’ births in India. It continues to be used in religious ceremonies today as it’s aroma, a sweet, woodsy smell, offers mental clarity, particularly the type sought during meditation. it’s earned respect in many civilizations and religions, especially in Hinduism, where it is considered to be holy and is used in social and religious rituals. Its sedative effects help reduce inflammation, calm stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve concentration, inner vision, and positive thinking.