About us

Family comes first.

These three words serve as my north star and personal motto. My loving husband, Marko, and my amazing boy, Vigo, are the driving force behind the hours and ideas that come into every product that we make. Our collection of products represent a charming hint of our lifestyle, and the painstaking story behind each product. 

Jasmina Vlaisavljević

Pure. Effective. Sustainable.

We provide 100% pure essential oils and natural aromatherapy products, sourced in-house, from small-scale producers located in over 10 different countries. Welcome to our Aromatics community!


What’s in the bottle? Devotion.

For years, we’ve been inspired to share our passion for nature’s pure essential oils. To blend their evocative scents with safe, natural, effective ingredients. And to live and work wholeheartedly, in a way that honors the well-being of all people and the planet we all share.

Our promise to you

Create only products that are safe and effective for all beings and safe for the environment.

Use only pure essential oils and botanical extracts to scent our products, so that anyone can experience the wonders of aromatherapy.

Manufacture our products sustainably, in a way that honors every person connected to them: the farmers we source our ingredients from worldwide, our customers, our employees, our partners, and our community.

Help you take loving care of yourself and your family by making only products that we consider beautiful, safe, and effective enough for our own families.

Integrity behind every ingredient

At Sant natural, we rely on our years of creating plant-based products to guide us in choosing ingredients that are safe and sustainable. From day one, we’ve sourced the finest natural, organic, and responsibly-farmed ingredients we could find. 

We source our oils globally, transcending politics and borders in our quest for the finest ingredients Earth has to offer. Sant Natural Products has long-standing relationships with farmers in Croatia, India,, South Africa, and many more countries. We only choose small sustainable farmers for are partners, to ensure our oils are pure, effective and sustainable.

Each oil has a distinctive scent. Many, such as soothing lavender and woodsy frankincense, have been used for many years in perfumery and medicine. Aromatherapy is the practice of stimulating well-being through scents, whether that be to relax, uplift, soothe, rejuvenate, brighten, or mellow your mood.



We love our essential oils and natural aromatherapy products. We know the faces of our distillers and producers and can picture their fields, orchards, forests, and mountains. Our producers are experienced and understand their craft. They are dedicated to purity and only grow or wildcraft plant material nurtured using organic growing practices. Each batch of essential oil is GC/MS tested in order for you to be as informed as possible on the essential oil chemistry when formulating blends and working with our products. This test verifies the purity we already know and trust exists, because we know and fully support our distillers and producers. Sourcing our oils and natural aromatherapy products is our life’s passion and work. We are so honored to be able to share these gorgeous products with you.


A vibrant future of aromatherapy directly correlates with the sustainability of the plants used to craft essential oils and natural aromatherapy products. We partner with distillers and producers who give back to the earth more than they take. An incredible amount of plant material is needed to craft essential oils and other aromatherapy products. We are passionate about education around plant sustainability.