Make Aromatherapy Your First Line Of Defence During Cold Flu Season

Winter is upon us and although it’s a common misconception that colds, coughs and the flu are caught from the declining temperatures alone; there are several factors that increase our propensity to contract these viruses during the winter. Thankfully, there are also a plethora of aromatherapy solutions to stop them in their tracks…

Boost Immunity

Shorter days and longer nights mean a reduction in sunlight – resulting in a lack of vitamin D. The consequence of this is an immune system more vulnerable to infection.
#TheFix – Diffuse six drops of Lemon Essential Oil in your bedroom every day. This will help to boost the body’s immune system and stimulate the production of white blood cells – thereby increasing your ability to fight off illness.

Germ Repellent

Viruses transmit faster in the cold as lower temperatures make their lipid coating tougher, and in turn more resilient and active. Cold air also contains less water vapour than hot air making it drier. Therefore, when we cough and sneeze, the particles released remain in the air for longer, and as a result, it is more likely for us to catch the cold virus.
#TheFix – Combine Lemon, with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils – and diffuse 2 to 3 drops of each together in your bedroom before going to bed. The antiviral and decongestant properties of Eucalyptus and antibacterial properties of Tea Tree will help clear your sinuses and fight off germs.

Bronchitis-busting blend

When your cold or flu spreads from your nose and throat to your windpipe and airways you’ve contracted acute bronchitis. Although not a serious as it sounds, it usually lasts between 2 weeks to a month and goes away on its own.
#TheFix – Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Bergamot essential oils: Add 1 drop of each into a bowl of steaming hot water, and inhale with a towel over your head 2/3 times a day, to eliminate mucus and fight the infection.