Essential Oils For Spring Allergy Relief

With spring around the corner, many people are looking forward to a break from the dreary cold of winter while others are dreading the allergies that come with the changing seasons. However, there is no need to live in a haze of itchy, water eyes, clogged sinuses, and headaches. There are numerous Essential Oils that can help ease the worst of your allergy symptoms to let you enjoy the warmer weather and blooming flowers. Here are some tips for using essential oils for allergies.


Lavender is an excellent option for dealing with irritating allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion and headaches. This is because this oil has natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects, which helps ease sinus pressure. It also has the added bonus of boosting your immune system.

However, lavender’s main claim to fame is as a relaxation aid. When dealing with allergies, you may find that you are suffering from excess stress. Lavender oil can help you relax and unwind. You can add lavender oil to a diffuser as part of aromatherapy or you can apply it to the soles of your feet.


Peppermint oil is another popular option for combating allergies. This oil helps to improve your ease of breathing and headaches by reducing inflammation of the mouth and throat; it also acts as a natural expectorant. This oil has the added benefit of boosting your ability fight off sinus and respiratory infections as well. Peppermint oil works best when diluted with a carrier oil.


Like the above options, lemon oil also helps strengthen your immune system. This particular oil is effective at reducing phlegm. Using the oil in a diffuser can help reduce pollen and other allergens in your home.

When combined, these oils are known as the LLP shot (Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint), and they are a potent allergy fighting combination. Most individuals recommend putting 3 drops of each oil into a capsule for consumption; however, if you are not comfortable taking Essential Oils internally, this blend is just as effective when diluted with a carrier oil and applied topically.