Stand Strong Solid Perfume

Stand Strong Solid Perfume
A lovely soft, solid beeswax blend for those stressful times when we need emotional nourishing. This synergistic blend of essential oils is calming and healing to the mind, helpful for stress and over worrying, releasing blocked energy.
  1. 15 drops of Elemi Oil
  2. 10 drops of Balsam Poplar Oil
  3. 8 drops of Blue Tansy Oil
  4. 7 drops of Sandalwood Oil
  5. 7 drops of Orange Sweet Oil
  6. 1.5 oz. of Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil
  7. .4 oz. of Beeswax Pellets
  8. 2 Aluminium lip balm tins
  1. Measure the beeswax and jojoba by weight. Melt beeswax using the double boiler method (see below) and add the jojoba oil.
  2. Place both the beeswax and a small amount of the jojoba oil in a Pyrex glass measuring cup. Fill a soup pot 1/4 of the way with water and boil. Place the Pyrex in the pot of water and wait for the beeswax to melt into the jojoba. This takes about 5 minutes on a high heat. Be sure none of the water from the pot boils into the Pyrex container.
  3. Add essential oils, blending well. Pour into 2- aluminum lip balm tins. Cap and let it cool. You have your perfume!


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