Respiratory with Cough

Respiratory with Cough
This remarkable blend is so helpful when experiencing a cold or flu. These oils work together to reduce congestion and inflammation, calm spastic coughing, and open up the airways. The next time you need extra lung support, give this recipe a try!
  1. 5 drops of Utah Juniper Oil
  2. 5 drops of Black Spruce Oil
  3. 5 drops of Cedarwood Oil
  4. 5 drops of Lavender Oil
  5. 1 oz. of Lotion - Unscented
  6. 1 Glass jars
  1. Add the essential oils to 2 oz. of unscented lotion. Apply to chest, throat, and back several times daily. Make a stock blend and use 1 drop in a steam inhalation treatment to help ease a cough.


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