Respiratory Cleanse

Respiratory Cleanse
This incredible blend works to clear the lungs, helping to reduce congestion and inflammation. Use in a lotion, inhaler, or diffuser. It also helps reduce germs, including those that are airborne!
  1. 5 drops of Cajeput Oil
  2. 6 drops of Orange Sweet Oil
  3. 4 drops of Helichrysum Gymnocephalum Oil
  4. 1 oz. of Lotion - Unscented
  5. 1 Glass jars
  1. Blend the essential oils into 1 oz. of unscented lotion. Massage onto throat, chest and upper back. This blend can also be made into an inhaler and/or put into a diffuser! Just skip the unscented lotion and add the drops of essential oils to the cotton wick of a blank inhaler or directly into a diffuser.


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