Pain and Inflammation Relief

Pain and Inflammation Relief
This body oil blend uses the abilities of powerful, calming essential oils and rich, healing moringa oil to soothe areas that are inflamed and painful, including sore, tense muscles or any variety of skin challenges.
  1. 7 drops of Chamomile German Oil (Nepal)
  2. 6 drops of Balsam Poplar Oil
  3. 4 drops of Corn Mint (Wild Mint) Oil
  4. 3 drops of Clove Bud Oil
  5. 1 oz. of Moringa Oil
  6. 1 Glass bottles with coned cap
  1. Drop the essential oils into the 1 oz. of moringa oil and shake gently until well blended. Rub on the painful area as needed.
  2. Note: Moringa oil may need to be gently heated to liquify, especially if kept in a cool area.


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