Nighttime Skin Nourishment

Nighttime Skin Nourishment
Nourishing nighttime skin blend.
  1. 4 drops of Carrot Seed Oil
  2. 4 drops of Sandalwood Oil
  3. 3 drops of Rosewood Oil
  4. 1 drop of Lemon Oil
  5. 30 g oz. of Shea Butter
  6. 15 ml. of Jojoba Oil
  7. 4 Glass jars
  1. Melt 30 ml. of shea butter with 15 ml. of jojoba in a double boiler, pour into a 100 ml. jar and add the essential oils immediately. Close and let cool. Apply to your face at night. Use a glass measuring cup as your double boiler for easy melting.


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