My Poor Chapped Lips

My Poor Chapped Lips
Healing for chapped lips.
  1. 10 drops of Orange Oil
  2. 30 ml. of Shea Butter
  3. 30 ml. of Jojoba Oil
  4. 15 g. of Beeswax Pellets
  5. 4 Aluminium lip balm tins
  1. Melt the 15 g. of beeswax and 30 ml. of jojoba in a double boiler. When melted take off the stove, add the shea butter and the orange essential oil. Stir until melted and pour immediately into lip balm tins.
  2. For a double boiler, try a Pyrex measuring cup rested in a soup pot filled halfway with water. Will make about 4 25 g tins.


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