Decadent Body Butter

Decadent Body Butter
Beautiful whipped body butters and oils with a buttery consistency that spreads like nourishing silk. The aroma is reminiscent of a light cocoa. Perfect for dry hands and heels in summer or winter!
  1. 60 ml. of Moringa Oil
  2. 60 g. of Cocoa Butter
  3. 30 ml. of Marula Oil
  1. Combine all ingredients together on low heat until melted using a double boiler, or a pyrex measuring cup placed in a pot of water over the stove. Once all the ingredients have melted down, let it cool off in the refrigerator for a while, otherwise it will stay liquid. An electric hand mixer works great to whip it. Whip/mix until the product starts to form into a butter like consistency. Scoop into jars.
  2. For a whipped butter, you will want about 90 - 120 ml. jars as it does increase in volume. If you wanted to give them as gifts, smaller jars work perfect! Great for dry, cracked hands and feet during summer and winter months!


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